Affordable, Low Price Quality Brochure with Video Screen LCD and Voice

High Quality and Affordable Brochure With Video Screen & Sound

A brochure with a video screen is the must-have marketing tool for a strong marketing strategy in 2017. Conventional brochures are already a powerful marketing tool, however combining it with video content, makes it the ultimate marketing product.

Brochure with a Video Screen

Video Brochures are the newest form of advertising. Not only do they increase a product’s sales potential, they are also cost-effective and offer a tool which is engaging and drives customer interaction.

The importance of video to win your next client

In today’s social media landscape, consumers are exposed to information through all sorts of different mediums. The emergence of social media channels and the ever-growing nature of mobile and tablet use has resulted in individuals being able to consume snippets of information, both when in front of a computer and on the move. With this, video content has become more and more powerful as it allows users to engage effortlessly through a portable medium.

The Social Landscape

Our habit of absorbing information has changed in recent years. We watch more videos and read less text. Video content is easy to share, easy to understand and gives the user the power to decide how they best consume it, using an interface of buttons or sliders. Recent studies have shown that nearly 70% of consumers will engage with a text advertisement when coupled with a video, when a text based ad would have been ignored.

Consumers are presented with a massive amount of information each day. As a consequence, they have to make a decision which information they dedicate time to read. Studies have shown that 64% of people are more likely to purchase a product that is presented with a video message (cbo). The main reason for this is that video boosts consumers’ confidence in the validity of the brand.

Facts and Figures

As we have seen, a video content strategy plays a crucial role in today’s marketing. However, the advantage of both text and video must be considered to create a balanced marketing plan.


  1. Videos allow us to process content 60,000 times faster then text.
  2. It is easier for consumers to build empathy and emotions towards a video. This emotional bond boosts consumers’ confidence towards a brand. Resulting in loyal customer relationships.

Print Text

  1. Print text allows us to put thought into the content we read. This “inner voice” increases our attention span that activates our mental structures. It creates an opinion towards a brand, positively or negatively.
  2. Studies have shown that consumers that search for specific information seek for text information. The reason for this is that text contains more detailed information regarding a topic.

LCD Video Brochures

VBM’s Video Brochures are fitted with LCD screen technology. LCD screens can be found in televisions, calculators, cell phones, or digital watches. In the past few years, LCD screens became lighter and more energy efficient.

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