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Video eBrochure - Cost effective, ecologically friendly and easily updatable

E-brochures with Video Marketing Online can help you communicate with your customers in an effective, flexible and eco-friendly manner. They look and work like traditional print brochures, but have the added benefit of versatility.

Changes and updates can be made quickly and easily, so an e-brochure is perfect for online product, sales catalogues or time-sensitive data.

Because it’s all online there is no paper or packaging, so you can reduce your carbon footprint while retaining all the benefits of a printed version.

How a video e-brochure saves time and money

Words and photos can be presented in the same way and readers can turn the pages of the e-brochure at the same pace as they would if they had a print version in their hands.

Unlike print brochures though, there are no costly restraints on publication size and number of pages. We can also add interactive features such as videos, photo galleries, animation, menus, forms and downloads.

The e-brochure can be sent out to a large, global audience and be delivered instantly – so no expensive print run or hefty postage bill.

We can also add the facility for readers to forward the e-brochure on to their friends or people they think might also be interested. This increases your potential customer database and substantially reduces the labour cost of manually sending out brochures.

Instant access and speedy interaction with video e-brochures

E-brochures are designed to play on all devices whether they be iPhones, iPads, PCs, Macs or Androids. So, customers should be able to access your company information anywhere at any time.

Once they have opened your e-brochure it is important that they can find what they want and interact with you.

Forms can be included within the e-brochure to collect customers’ contact details, inquiries, feedback, questionnaires or event bookings. Once you have received their requests you can respond efficiently and effectively.

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Using e-brochures for targeted video marketing

E-brochures can be personalised, by integrating data such as names, membership numbers and promotional codes.

For sensitive information, e-brochures can also be password protected, so you know that your messages are only reaching your target audience.

Because of the security e-brochures offer, we can include online payment forms to collect customer credit card details to help with booking, orders and donations. This can speed up sales decisions.

Using Google Analytics, we can also track the success of your e-brochure by measuring how many people open it and how long they spend on each page.

E-brochures Price Calculator

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Video e-brochure production and marketing

If you already have a printed brochure, it is easy to convert a PDF version of it into an e-brochure. We can also enhance it by integrating formats that are not possible in print – such as videos and animation.

E-brochures allow you to really penetrate a global market as your material is accessible to anyone with internet access 24/7.

Our creative team is based in the heart of London and we work with our clients to deliver video brochure marketing campaigns to ensure our clients get their voice heard.

E-brochures don’t have to be small, one-off projects, they can also be digital magazine solutions allowing you to take weekly or monthly print products digital and incorporate formats not available in the print world, such as video.

Offline video e-brochures for confidential marketing messages

If you have sensitive information to share and don’t want everyone to have access to it, then we can create an offline e-brochure which can be sent out to people on a data stick or disc.

Offline e-brochures can be housed in bespoke disc boxes with your company or product branding clearly displayed together with any printed marketing message.

Our standard covers for offline e-brochures are A5 (210 x 248) and A4 (210 x 297), with a choice of four different size of screen: 4.3 inch, 5-inch, 7-inch, and 10.1inch. If you require different specifications let us know and we will develop bespoke brochures for you.
Business card size digital video brochures are another option. These have a 2.4” screen and are framed in a pocket-sized surround which can have the usual business card contact information printed on it.

Video e-brochure production

Our video e-brochure production process is compliant with consumer safety regulations. To increase efficiency all e-brochures are produced with advanced and innovative equipment.
Not only does this allow us to lower our carbon footprint and waste, but it also increases our efficiency, keeping our costs as low as possible.
Our graphic design team has extensive experience in branding and website design and they know how to give your video e-brochure personality as well as ensuring it is in line with your business branding.

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