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Stand out with a Video Brochure

Video brochures provide the perfect opportunity for you to stand out to your potential clients. The healthcare space is massively competitive, and whether you are selling to businesses or directly to consumers you need to showcase your products / services in a way that is going to ensure you are seen and most importantly remembered.

Video Brochures combine traditional print brochures with a smart LCD screen which when you open plays your business videos to your customers to give them a clear idea about what it is you offer and how it can help them. The video brochures can play multiple videos for up to 120 minutes of video content.

We approach the video brochure market with a point to prove. We want to make it as easy as possible for all our clients to understand the product, sample the product and ultimately then purchase the product. The order process is incredibly simple, hit the banner at the top of our website and order a free sample. Once you have seen and tested the product, head onto our website and you can either buy your brochure order directly through our video brochure shop or get in touch with us on email and we can process your order. Typically orders take around 10-15 days to process, however, if urgent, for an additional cost you can process this through quicker.

With a video brochure, you will stand out from your competitors.

Bespoke Healthcare Marketing

At VBM we have extensive experience in the healthcare marketing space and through our parent company, SoBold, we have the knowledge and know-how to produce marketing material that is going to make a difference. All our brochures are totally bespoke and we work with our clients to understand their needs to ensure we produce the perfect video brochure.

Dependant on your requirements, we will carefully consider the quantity of brochures you will need, your budget and the turnaround time for your purchase order.

The brochure and material is entirely customisable to the smallest bit of detail. We offer different brochure sizes, different screen sizes, different print finishes, different battery sizes and much more!

Healthcare Marketing Bespoke Video Brochures
Healthcare Marketing Video Brochure Design

Specialist Healthcare Design Team

Through our parent company, specialist healthcare digital marketing agency, SoBold, we are able to offer brochure branding using our specialist in-house design team. We have worked with over 50 clients in the healthcare space and can produce video brochure designs that encapsulate who you are and what you do.

With such a broad range of button interfaces and screen sizes, we can advise you on how your brochure can be branded to achieve the maximum impact, outside and in.

Many of our clients have an in-house design team and if this is the case we are happy to send brochure templates for you to design your brochures in-house and we are more than happy to give you help along the way to design the BEST possible brochure.

High Quality Healthcare Video Production

Our brochures have a special IPS screen LCD technology which ensures all video content will be seen in the highest definition without any limitations of viewing it at different angles.

We offer a video production service for our clients which means that if you do not already have an impactful video, we can do this for you!

The videos in the brochures are exceptionally important and whether you want to show client testimonials, or showcase your services, we can work with you to achieve this. Our video production team can travel around the UK, and should you be further afield we have trusted partners across EU and USA who will be able to help.

Healthcare Marketing Video Production

How our Video Brochures are produced

Our brochures are designed in-house and then sent to our quality manufacturers in Shenzhen. The lead time for these brochures can be anywhere from 5-20 days depending on the urgency.

Below you can see a video of our production process once the brochures have been designed and the purchase order has been made.

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Price Calculator

Using our price calculator you can work out how our video brochures can fit into your marketing budget and find out what specifications you are interested in ordering.



What is a video brochure?

Video brochures are a blend of a printed brochure and a video screen. When the brochure is opened, a video auto-plays a video. All screens are LCD (liquid crystal displays) screens with an IPS (In-plane-switching) screen technology that allows wide-angle viewing.

Can I use my own branding on the brochure?

Yes. We have an in-house Graphic Design team with extensive experience of branding in the healthcare space. However, if you have a brochure design ready-made we are happy to provide design templates, which are available to download. The templates give you guidance depending on the size of the video brochure. Once we receive your design templates, we will send your video brochures to production.

What video brochure sizes are available?

All video brochures come in the following sizes:

A5 (210 x 248)

A4(210 x 297)

Custom sizes are available on request

Most demanded size for the healthcare sector are an A5 7-inch IPS LCD screen video brochures, due to its high impact of the video screen.

What screen sizes are available?

For A5 the following screen sizes are available:

  • 4.3-inch
  • 5-inch
  • 7-inch

For an A4 brochure the above-mentioned sizes are available at request, in addition to a 10.1-inch screen.

We recommend an A4 video brochure when the medical product/service/company requires much additional print information or instructions.

How much memory do the video brochures come with?

All of our video brochures come with a standard memory capacity of 512MB (30-minute video duration). We also offer brochures with memory of up to 16GB (700-minute video duration) should that be required.

Most of our clients from the healthcare space required memory capacity between 512 MG – 1GB.

How do I load videos onto the video brochure?

The video brochures are delivered with a mini USB connection and a small USB cable that can be easily connected to any laptop or other device to drag and drop videos. We can upload the video for you, alternatively, you can upload the videos yourself once you received them.

Are there touch screens available for video brochures?

Yes. Touch screens are available as alternative to buttons. A popular item in the healthcare space is the A5 7-inch touch screen. It is impressive due to the large screen giving it a touch of a tablet.

How long is the battery lasting of the video brochures?

Customers can choose between 500 mAh standard battery which lasts up to an hour, up to 8000 mAh which lasts up to 20 hours depending on the various screen sizes. Generally speaking the smaller the screen, the longer the battery lasts.

All video brochures can be RECHARGED with a USB cable which will be provided and is included in the price.

Can I prevent others from stealing my content on the video brochure?

Yes. All video content can be locked.

Generally, we recommend not to lock the content so your customers are encouraged to reuse the video brochures for personal usage and personal video messages. This is increasing the video brochures life time and is positively contributing to the environment.

For companies in the healthcare space, we understand that information is more sensitive and for those reasons we always recommend locking the video brochure to be in full control of the video content.

What kind of printing finish is available on the video brochures?

We offer the following print options:

  • Gloss lamination
  • Matt lamination
  • Anti-scratch Matt
  • Soft touch film
  • Spot UV printing
  • Foil stamping (Gold and silver)

Can I have more than one video on a video brochure?

Yes. As long as it is within the purchased or standard memory capacity.

For healthcare companies, it is popular to upload more than one video, sometimes including one video for the product introduction and another video to give further instructions on how to use the product. This is completely depending on the purpose of the video brochure.

Can I upload a slide show from a powerpoint or similar?

You can upload videos, pictures or a powerpoint slideshow or a mixture of all different content types.

In the Healthcare space, video content is most popular however if you have another medium that you like to share, most common files are supported by our LCD screen technology.

What is the thickness of the soft cover video brochure?

The soft cover on the video brochure has a card thickness of 9.5mm.

What is the thickness of the hardcover video brochure?

The hardcover on the video brochure has a card thickness of 14mm.

Do you ship video brochures to multiple locations?

Yes, we do ship video brochures to multiple locations. We would need to quote a bespoke price once speaking to our shipping provider.

What is the lead time for video brochure production?

Our video brochures typically take 7 days to build from sign off of contract and receipt of 50% payment. Depending on shipping location, you should expect the brochures to take 7-9 days to ship to your destination.

Can I use two designs for my video brochures?

Yes, we can tailor your order to your exact needs. We have worked with people who require four different designs across 100’s of video brochure orders.

What is the minimum video brochure order size?

We are happy to work with our clients on orders as low as 5 units, however, we do say that because the cost per unit increases so much at such a small order size, this is not recommended. We would recommend you try to keep your minimum order size to 50 units.

Where are your video brochures made?

Our video brochures are produced in Shenzhen, China. Our HQ is in London, United Kingdom and all orders are managed here and shipped out to China for production.

Are your video brochures RoHs compliant?

Yes, all our video brochures are RoHs compliant.

Can I use my own shipping company to ship the video brochures to me?

Yes, absolutely. We are happy to work with your shipping company to ship the video brochures to you.

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