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Promotional Print Video Brochure Marketing

Promotional print video brochures are the perfect tool to promote a company or brand. How important are promotional products in a modern business’s marketing efforts?

Print promotional video brochures

One of the most important aspects of Video Brochures is that at it’s core, it’s a portable marketing tool to hand over and continue to provide value for your company, days and weeks after parting from your company. The idea that you can deploy at a single moment in time and see a positive return for a long period of time afterwards means that with a low budget, you can still deliver great results and growth for your business.

These principals form the basis for a high quality and modern promotional product. Companies, during the entirety of it’s existence, have a duty to ensure to it’s customers that they are valued and the benefits that your company provides is a two-way street. You want to show that you value your customers, and in return you want your customers to return the gesture through engagement with your USP.

This is why video brochures not only play nicely with your brand’s message, it plays nicely with a wide variety of customer personas. Our research has shown that Video Brochures is one of the most effective promotional products for engagement and brand loyalty in the long term. Customers from the Healthcare Industry made Video Brochures an integral part of their marketing efforts as it helps them build trustworthy relationships.

Cheap promotional products are just not effective

We are sorry to say this, but cheap promotional products are officially out. VBM stands firmly behind the belief that high value promotional products recoup their cost disproportionately compared to cheap promotional products. As a company in the modern business ecosystem, you cannot underestimate the value that consumers place on promotional products, whether it is an up-sell of additional features to extend your product, or through Video Brochures to thank your customers.

In most cases customers care more about the product they receive from companies than previously thought. If consumers receive sub-par products that easily fall apart or don’t work out of the box, the consumer’s initial introduction with what your company offers is forever damaged. In the best case, your customer forgives you. But in the worst case, you have lost that customer forever.

It is this first contact that VBM highly recommends for companies to invest in higher value promotional products. Cheaper promotional items are important for brand recognition, however in order to attract qualified leads, higher value items are key for every company that cares about its customers, especially when your customers are few yet are highly invested into your product.

Searching for a promotional product?

Are you searching for a high-quality promotional product to give away to your clients or to promote a new product? Why not try our new video brochures? They are the ideal promotional product to leave a long lasting impression. But let us have a look into the advantage of our video brochures and why it is important to combine your video message with a tangible print brochure.

Promotional Video Brochure Marketing

Video brochures are the perfect marketing tool for companies that want to be seen by selective key customers.

6 Reasons why you should implement video brochures in your promotional marketing mix

  1. Low-cost effective marketing

    Video brochures are a low-cost high-value marketing solution. The reason for this is that they are capable of increasing your product’s value indirectly. This results in a significantly higher ROI compared to other promotional products. Do you want to close the deal? We are confident that video brochures will close it for you!

  2. Customer loyalty 

    Another positive aspect is that video brochures will increase your customer loyalty and strengthen current relationships, which results in an increased customer retention rate. However in the case you lose a customer(s) over the years, they also allow you to re-market to them in an effective way. Additionally, if you are in the need of new customers, video brochures have great potential to convince new clients of your products and services.

  3. Versatility

    The best thing about promotional products is that consumers use them over and over again, resulting in increased brand recall and recognition. Video brochures are not only a brochure that will be seen once and then thrown away or put in the corner. Their influence on your customer can be supported through including a complimentary business card that matches your brochure’s design, to create. Besides that you can also enable consumer to be able to edit the video content. This will have the effect that they can use the video brochure as a greeting card. You might be surprised how far your video brochure travels. 

  4. Instant Brand Recognition 

    Brand recognition implies that clients know who you are and what you sell, by only spotting your logo. Video brochures are your chance to put you signature on. Your clients will be impressed and because a video brochure will not be thrown away, your brand will surely be remembered.

  5. They are customisable

    Want to stand out? Then make the video brochure yours. Put your signature, branding and personality into it. Customise the paper size, form, the printing, material used, the video content and add features. The video brochures will reflect what you do and who you are.

  6. Precise targeting tool 

    Your customers are your most valuable asset. You know who they are and where to find them. Show them they matter to you and are of importance to your business. Video brochures enable you to personalize messages and target those that matter the most.

Promotional Video Brochures

Tell your story with a video brochure that reflect who you are and what you sell. Considering the most powerful tools current marketing practices has to offer, video brochures are unbeatable. Altogether they combine the power of video, the power of tangibility and the power of print.

Over 80% of modern consumers would rather watch a video than static print. Additionally the choice of print on the video brochure encourage them to put thought into your brand. Last but not least, the power of tangibility allows you to not be easily clicked away. It gives assurance that your message and brand will be seen and remembered.

Video brochures are an ideal promotional product, they are versatile, can be reused, increases brand loyalty, brand recall and recognition, they are cost effective and can be easily turned into high value sales. Why not try out our pricing calculator and receive a sample today?

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