Video Brochure Prices, Cost and their Value in Marketing Pricing

Video Brochure Prices and their Value in Marketing

Video production cost reflects in the viability of using video brochures in your next marketing campaign. However, is this premium a reflection of a video brochure’s perceived value? We will dive further into the perception of value of video brochures, why customers increasingly try to hack video brochures and how you can request a sample of our video brochures, delivered directly to you.

Video Brochure Prices

How much is a video brochure worth and how does one judge the cost of video brochures?

The true value of video brochures derive from the customer’s perception of the interactive experience that they are internalising throughout their engagement with a video brochure. We can argue that this value is measured either subjectively through this perception, or objectively through metrics such as conversions, lead acquisitions or brand effectiveness, and the per-unit cost of the brochure in question. To have a clear indication that video brochures are a relevant tool for marketing, Video Brochure Marketing is 100% confident in the positive perception of video brochures increasing over the foreseeable future. A positive perception that we advocate through a product strategy that ensures that every client of VBM is just as excited about the potential of video brochures as we are.

For VBM, our pricing structure is based on these 2 factors: the actual product manufacturing cost and its perceived value to your prospects. Finding this fine line allows for us to execute the right product, at the right time.

What is the cost and perceived value of video brochures?

Taking the above mentioned information in consideration, how is VBM judging its prices of video brochures? Do we consider the video brochures as cheap or rather expensive?

Overall, we ensure to give any video brochure price reduction from our suppliers onto our customers. However, how your business perceives the price depends on the value that the brochure creates for the business. Let us look at a simple example.  Two companies sending out video brochures to prospects. One is closing a deal worth a few thousand pounds, the other one worth £25. The cost at which they acquired one video brochure was £20. We can see that for the investment for the first client who closed a huge deal, we can deduce that the video brochure garnered a far higher value from that single brochure and helped secure the deal, at a very cheap relative cost to the project.

Entrepreneur Charlie Gilkey once said, “People do not buy products because of the actual value of the products –  they buy stuff because the price of the product closely matches their perceived value.”  What is the perceived value for video brochures to you? Are you the one potentially closing a big deal? Ask yourself not only what Video Brochures can do for you, but what you would have done in it’s stead. You’ll be hard pressed to find an alternative that provides so much value to your business as Video Brochure Marketing.

The perceived value plays a huge role in the Luxury Industry! Video Brochures maximise this perceived value to bring out the best of your brand.

Video Brochure Hack

In recent years there has been an increase in video brochure hack efforts. Consumers and companies who own Video Brochures have aimed to find out how to hack and configure them to achieve additional longevity without needing to purchase another too soon.

An easy way to configure the brochure is to change the stored video for personal usage. Other, albeit not so simple, changes that can be made are to increase the storage capacity or speaker volume.

However, while Video Brochure Marketing supports and promotes the option to make changes to your video brochure, we do not permit modifications to it’s intended purpose as a video playing apparatus.

Why is it beneficial for companies to unlock the memory card?

We, at VBM always encourage our clients to unlock the memory card. The reasons behind this are to increase its longevity and provide alternative uses. This in turn will increase the value for the end consumer.

An example of an alternative use is as a greetings card, or an instruction manual for new hires. There are many different options to give your video brochure a second life once you are finished with it.

Secondly, increasing the longevity of products is not only increasing the potential value of the video brochures, but also making a effort to improve our environment and decrease our carbon footprint. At VBM we are very conscious of our production processes and it’s environmental impact.

Video Brochure Samples, Cost and Pricing

Why not ordering a trial of our video brochures? Get a video brochure sample today!

Take advantage of our 4 week trial to see our video brochure in your own hands and how it can benefit your business. We provide sample brochures for a £20 deposit.

Once you are done, return it to us in the post and receive your deposit back. We will be there for you along the journey from your first sample until the final brochure arrives at your doorstep.

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