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With its 8.3 million residents, London is currently Europe’s third largest city. Home to thousands of companies ranging from startups to multi-national corporations, 75% of Forbes 500 companies are headquarters in the UK. It is the diverse and open attitude of the UK’s business sector that allows for it’s economy to go strength to strength every year. In this powerful business sector, lies one of our most powerful exports; advertising.

Advertising Industry In the UK

The Advertising Industry in the UK is the largest and most influential in Europe. One reason for this is that the investments made by companies in the UK is the highest within the EU. Another reason is that Londons creative agents are the fastest to adapt to very noticeable shifts in consumer behaviour and as a result, redefine themselves with new digital opportunities.

One factor influencing creative agents is e-commerce and social media channels. In the past few years, the social media landscape has shifted, with companies such as Facebook and Twitter extensively testing how their visitors consume their information. The more they successfully analyse and adapt to this information, the more dependence the visitor has on that social media platform of choice.

This commitment from the consumer to check their social media or website of choice leads to thousands of bespoke and targeted advertising efforts we see everyday. However, with further research showing that consumers are able to “blind” themselves to advertising, companies have to ask themselves how to innovate in this competitive environment and put themselves in the forefront of the consumer.

How to use video content marketing?

Overall we have seen this year that video advertising is the fastest growing ad format. Creative agents all over the UK take advantage of this trend. One popular item where video content is implemented are video brochures. For a company, they are the ideal channel to present not only a product but to give the business a personality.

Bespoke Video Brochures Marketing in UK – price and cost of print

How to get the video content seen?

Video content must be made available to key customers. However, in a stream of millions of videos these efforts can be costly. Moreover, achieving a targeted ROI for video advertising has become harder in recent years.

In order to overcome this challenge, the advertising industry encourages companies to invest into video content marketing. As a consequence, we see that the latest trend in the UK is to increase the visibility of video content. In connection to this trend the popularity for video brochures grew, as they are considered as most effective way to get a video seen.

The Power of Tangiblity

Video Brochures are personal and tangible. The combination of print and video makes them a truly effective tool. Compared to online video advertising, video brochures continue to provide value and influence to your customers long after it has been handed to them. This makes them much more difficult for customers to ignore.

While the idea that we can access and do more with less in the form of smartphones and other devices, the power of “physical” advertising is a way to compliment the modern consumer’s efforts to de-clutter their possessions with technology. Video brochures do not need to compete with any other technology currently owned by your consumer, which equates to a much higher impact than what could have been achieved 10 years ago.

When a user interacts with an e-mail or website, we can only operationalise their experience using inconsistent metrics such as the time it takes to leave the site, or how long the user spends on a certain page. The beauty of tangible marketing is that we can guarantee that the user of a video brochure is affected by your marketing efforts, simply by handing the brochure to them or packaged with your unique product. Making your clients fell special is one key factor for marketing luxury brands and video brochures are the ideal promotional item to deliver this special experience.

Video brochures capture the power of video that creates a personal bond with the power of “physical”. Resulting in a marketing tool that surely will be seen and remembered.

Video Production Brochure

Video brochures in the UK became more efficient for companies to implement due to a drop in LCD screen prices and logistical costs. Additionally, production facilities across the globe became more efficient due to economies of scale.

VBM works closely with partners in the Far East. Our production process is reactive and allows the video brochures to be personalised. Customers can chose various shapes, colours, printing, branding and video which can be easily adapted by the production process. Our production process is cost efficient, efficient and vicarious to the environmental struggles that the world faces today.

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